Overall management of the project, from the sketch to the end of the construction

Rational, stylish and coherent proposals
Selection of the materials, equipment and plants
Implementative technics and budget estimation

Respect of the context | Valorization of the existing | Definition of the needs | Functional solutions
Comprehension of desires | Original concepts | Appreciation of the budget | Control of the costs

SOAP Sandrine Oppliger Architecte Paysagiste Garden Design Landschaft Architekt Jardin Paysage Amenagement Exterieur Conception Concept Planification Plan Plans Dessin Fribourg Tatroz Attalens Chatel St Saint Denis Châtel-St-Denis Veveyse Riviera Gruyère Glâne Sarine Bulle Oron Romont Montreux Vevey Lausanne Villeneuve Aigle Direction Travaux Surveillance Chantier Ingenieur

Tariff basis : CHF 110.- / h
Average price excluding taxes and outlay

Individual garden (indicative) :
Draft : 25 to 50 hours
Budget : 10 to 20 hours

Consulting interview from CHF 500.-

Round trip travel
No additional charges within a radius of 30 km
1h30 to 2 hours of consulting interview
English spoken with pleasure
Illustrated summary folder
Additionnal mandate offer as needed

Subject to availability
from CHF 500.- all taxes included

SIA services

State of play : collecting data and working papers, field surveys, report on places condition, establishment of a site blueprint, analysis of the general issues
Draft : finding solutions and guidelines, concept development, study of variants, sketches, selection of plants / materials, succinct budget estimation
Project : final project on the basis of the draft, study of details, coordination of specialists, budgetary estimate, administrative procedures and authorizations
Preparing to run : tenders, support and advice to the client, negociations with companies, implementation schedule
Execution : establishment of business contracts, final drawings for execution, architectural management, construction supervision, companies coordination
Final phase : provisional acceptance of the work, tracking guarantees, final acceptance, counts, record of the finished work, planning and monitoring of maintenance

Other services

Landscape studies
Blueprints for autorization requests
Ambience sketches

Individual dwellings

The garden is an investment. When it gives seal to a house, it inceases its value. Still it is necessary to make the right expenses at the right time...

Private gardens, terraces, entrance yards, sloped lands, ...
Stilish integration of swimming pools, pergolas, petanque, ...
Development, complete redesign or ponctual improvements

Collective buildings

The outdoor facilities are also a reflection of the brand image, they contribute to the quality of the welcome and the well-being of the clients / patients.

Residential complexes, housing co-ops , ...
Museums, hotels, restaurants, shops, companies , ...
Hospitals, clinics, medico-social institutions, ...

Public spaces

Municipalities also give me their confidence because a planning allows them to anticipate and manage their investments with intelligence.

Urban facilities, allotment gardens, village squares, crossings of towns, parks, schools, playgrounds, sports and leisure, places of worship, cemetaries, neighborhoods developments, ...
SOAP Sandrine Oppliger Architecte Paysagiste Garden Design Landschaft Architekt Jardin Paysage Amenagement Exterieur Conception Concept Planification Plan Plans Dessin Plantations Plantes Vegetaux
Fribourg La Roche Chatel St Saint Denis Veveyse Gruyere Glane Riviera Gruyère Sarine Bulle Romont Montreux Vevey Direction Travaux Surveillance Chantier Ingenieur