Creativity and ingeniousness associated with 20 years of practice,
including a number in landscape construction companies !

A bubble of ideas for your garden !

SOAP Sandrine Oppliger Architecte Paysagiste Garden Design Landschaft Architekt Jardin Paysage Amenagement Exterieur Conception Concept Planification Plan Plans Dessin Plantations Plantes Vegetaux
Fribourg La Roche Chatel St Saint Denis Veveyse Gruyere Glane Riviera Gruyère Sarine Bulle Romont Montreux Vevey Direction Travaux Surveillance Chantier Ingenieur

Châtel-St-Denis (FR)

Founding of SOAP Sàrl
Sandrine Oppliger Architecte Paysagiste

Grangeneuve (FR)

Teacher at the IAG for the superior horticultural training
Patent and mastery : "garden creation" and "offers and invoices"

Clarens (VD)

Founder-partner in design office Empreinte Végétale,
of which I am also director until 2015

Lausanne (VD)

Meeting with my mentor, Mr José Lardet,
followed by a collaboration of more than three years

Lullier (GE)

HES Engineering degree in landscape architecture.