SOAP supports you in your project as far as you wish or need.

On the basis of a first appointment, free and without commitment, we establish an offer for a customized mandate, which describes the services that would be provided to meet your needs.

Our package for a consulting interview is an excellent starting point for a landscaping of high quality.

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Our services

State of play

Collecting data and working papers
Field surveys, report on places condition
Establishment of a site blueprint

Analysis of the general issues


Finding solutions and guidelines
Concept development, study of variants
Sketches, selection of plants / materials

Succinct budget estimation


Final project on the basis of the draft
Study of details, coordination of specialists
Budgetary estimate

Administrative procedures and authorizations

Preparing to run

Support and advice to the client
Negociations with companies

Implementation schedule


Establishment of business contracts
Final drawings for execution
Architectural management, construction supervision

Companies coordination

Final phase

Provisional acceptance of the work
Tracking guarantees, final acceptance
Counts, record of the finished work

Planning and monitoring of maintenance

Costed example for a draft

Difficult to imagine the outcome of the landscape architect's services on the single basis of a mandate offer... Most of the time, our future customers ask : "What will I hold for that price ?".

Here is a first answer, thanks to this example that exposes an actual situation, the draft as it was delivered to the customer (blueprint and explanatory folder) and the cost of the corresponding services.

Package for a consulting interview
Also provided in english !

This solution offers several advantages, because it allows at the same time :
- to test the services - for the undecided
- to afford a professionnal advice - for all budgets
- to make an original, useful and durable gift - for inspired people

Depending the needs and wishes, the landscape architect can afterwards propose a customized mandate as an extention of this first idea.